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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last week, I had a meeting with my supervisor for my personal project. It's a short meeting with him, but we had many discussions about my topic which's water filtration experiment. He made me confused because of his questions. He said, "Who is this product for?" I was confused and while I was thinking for the answer, he showed me one of the nominations for CNN Heroes last year. His name is Evan Wadongo and he is african. What did he do? He made a simple and cheap lamp so his product will light up their homes. At night, in his area, rural area, it doesn't have light therefore many students don't do their homework. For further information about him, click this link. For the following days, I've researched many interesting sources about the product like the process of water filtration, how does it work, etc. Last, I'm going to meet my supervisor again to have another discussion this week.

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