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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Assessment Task

I found a simple article about water filtration.

This article is about how to filter water at affordable materials. This website tells us the steps and the materials to create a simple filtration.

This article is for anyone who’s interested in filtering water and curious about the process of filtering water.

Water is essential for life . People, animals, and plants all need water to live and to grow . But in many places people do not have enough water to stay healthy . Many people have to travel long distances to collect water . And often, the water that is available is not safe to drink. Therefore, by making this simple filtration you won’t have to travel to get clean water.

Anytime as long as you have all the materials and follow all the steps as it's written on the website.

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  1. Fantastic work Marcel! I am very proud of your efforts. You have completed this task in a very diligent manner. see what you can do when you really try.

    Keep up the great work!