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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Journal Romeo and Juliet

Week 1 (April 19th 2011): Today, Ms Sam told the class to make a play about Romeo and Juliet based on Shakespeare. She dropped all the requirements of the play on studywiz and we will perform it on 19th May.  After that, we chose abby as the director of this play. Our play will focus on romance. After we had discussion and brainstorming, the play will be in ancient/traditional version because it's more challenging and interesting and we got many fantastic ideas. My friends and I have to find old costumes and other equipments later on. I was given a task from Abigail, to make a script based on act 3 scene 1 (the fight between Tybalt, Romeo and Mercutio), 3 (Romeo and Friar Lawrence discuss Romeo banishment) and 5 (Lady Capulet tells Juliet, Paris will marry Juliet this Thursday). Gerry will also help me making the script. I should hand in to her the draft at the end of this weekend so she can check and edit it whether is it too long or short, etc. I found difficult because the story of Romeo and Juliet was written in old english version by Shakespeare. In order to understand, I had to read it twice. By the way, I predict every act needs 800 words.

Week 2 (April 25th 2011): I continued doing the draft because it's due tomorrow. Everyone was working on their script too. Actually I've finished the draft but abby told me to make it shorter because the play can't be more than 15 minutes. It's very challenging and hard because the script should be shorter. So far, I think everyone in the group is contributing. 

(April 26th 2011): I finished editing my script and I sent it last night to abby. After finishing the script, we started thinking about the characters that we are going to choose and we had to start memorizing all the lines.

(April 27th 2011): Abigail and Nahyeon told me that they finished editing the final script so the play won't take too long.We did discussions, and we've decided to change it into modern version because it's easier to find proper costumes and props. Today, Abigail was away, therefore I think we didn't have an effective discussion.

(April 28th 2011): Again, we changed the version into traditional version because if we change it we must decide the setting and props again. It takes a lot of time to do that, so we've decided to go back to our first decision, ancient version. Next thing we did, we started timing and it took more than 15 minutes. Therefore, Abby cut it off again and she will send the script tomorrow.

(May 2nd 2011): Today we did costumes. We designed our own costume using adobe photoshop and we did some rehearse. It's pretty difficult and confusing because Gerry, who's gonna be romeo was absent.

(May 3rd 2011): We edited the script again with the help from Ms. Sam. We fixed a couple lines so it would be a perfect script to be played. We finished designing our costumes therefore tomorrow abby told us, we're gonna do the lightning, sound, and start memorizing our own lines.

(May 4th 2011) Today, we had a discussion about the music. We also managed to finish our script and Ms Sam completed the needed scenes such as the freeze frames. We also discussed about the blocking. We practiced from act 1 scene 1 to act 1 scene 2. Everyone was contributing and I had a lot of fun with other group members. Unfortunately, Gerry who's gonna be Romeo was absent. Tomorrow, we'll continue practicing blocking and hope he won't absent. I hope tomorrow, we can do it better and we have to keep it in mind the performance is going to be performed this month!!

(May 5th 2011) Today, we're practicing from act 1 and act 2. Everybody was here and was contributing. We had a problem because everyone haven't memorized their lines. While waiting they practicing, I memorized my lines and it's very difficult cause the words are not familiar and is to much to be memorized. Moreover, I highlighted all my lines so it's easier to learn it and it's easier when I get lost reading my lines. My group has improved about the blocking scene. The other difficult challenge was the romantic scene. Gerry couldn't pretend that he really loved Juliet in the play. He needs more practice. Furthermore, Aziz looked very embarrassed because he's being a lady capulet in the play. It's hard for him to follow her gestures and voice. Overall, today practice didn't very effective because we supposed done these scenes yesterday. However, I believe Abigail is a good director because she can manage everything so that we can use these last 4 lessons effectively. I think that me and other crew should work very hard because there're only 4 meetings left. We haven't covered act 2 and the other acts. We must work extra hard memorizing the lines in order to get all the act finish. I hope next lesson, we can cover 3 acts including all the music and freeze frames. I feel very happy to have Abigail and Nahyeon in my team, they are great workers and very creative as well. They are very relenting to the ideas and are easy to cooperate with. However, it seems Gerry is lack of enthusiasm learning his lines while others are not. 

Rehearsing with the help from Ms Sam

(May 9th 2011): Today I memorized a couple of lines. It really needs time to memorize all the lines. Me and Aziz were memorizing while others like Nahyeon, Gerry, etc. were doing blocking part. We had improvements and it's still the same as we practiced before, everyone still used their laptops to read the script. Finally we came up into scene 3, we also were able to finish the balcony scene which's the most difficult part. It's difficult and challenging because this scene is full of expression. Unfortunately, Aziz didn't want to contribute and he didn't want to memorize his lines. Not like Gerry who has tried to memorize his lines and he needs to improve his confidence especially in the romantic scene. He seemed to be so embarrassed and his voice wasn't flirty enough. Anyway, Juliet did a very good job. She was able to act like a Juliet as I saw on the movie. She was full fo confident expressing what she thought. Moreover, I think she's the one who has memorized her lines and it's very good because it motivates us to memorize our own lines.  Me, my self I've memorized some of the lines and I expect I can memorize all my lines two days before the performance day. Tomorrow, I hope Henry will be here and I'm sure he will help us a lot. We are going to continue rehearsing our play and I hope we can come up into act 4.

(May 10th 2011): Today, we were rehearsing in the classroom with the help of Ms Sam. We were able to finish all acts, from act 1 to act 5. All we need to do now is to memorize our own lines. It's hard to me to act like Mercutio while to act like Friar Lawrence was pretty easy cause his accent is flat. Moreover while we were rehearsing, I found some difficult words to be pronounced like plague and thou. I need to keep it in my mind and I just finished memorizing Mercutio lines. There're still some lines to be memorized. Again, we found a complicated scene again which's when Romeo sees Juliet is dead. This scene is romantic therefore I think Gerry should express his emotions as Romeo. As my group saw, Gerry looked very stiff especially when they're holding hands each other. On the other side, Juliet did a very good job. She seems very capable in every scene. Tomorrow, we're going to rehearse again from the beginning of the story until the end. So far, our director has worked very hard. Abigail has shown us how we suppose to do and act in every scene. Fortunately, she 's rarely absent cause if she doesn't come to school, our group can't practice effectively. Anyway, there're about 2 or 3 lessons left for us to rehearse Romeo and Juliet Play. I think today, we did a great job guys and we had a lot of fun as well. Keep up the good work. Hope, everyone will come tomorrow and contribute as well. 

(May 11st 2011): Today, our Romeo and Benovolio didn't show up on the rehearsal. Both of them were sick therefore we need more members to practice from act 1 to act 5. The director was stressed out cause it's hard when everyone is not contributing. However, we had to continue rehearsing, fortunately Ms Dianne helped us to read the Romeo's lines which's quite help a lot. We just did 1 full act outside the classroom that means we didn't manage our time effectively and wisely. In one lesson, I think we should be able to practice the whole act twice. On the last 15 minutes, we were just memorizing our lines so tomorrow all the lines can be in our mind. Juliet has done her best so far and she often motivates us to memorize our lines. She said, " come on guys, memorize it! Don't just playing games after school!" Anyways, I feel we must get this play seriously, because time flies. I believe abigail can solve this problem. Tomorrow is the last practice, after that exams then performance. It would be great if Ms Sam postpone the performance because we're not ready yet. We still need to prepare everything, costumes, props, etc. Moreover, it's important who's going to play music and that person has to know which music goes in that scene. And tomorrow, we're gonna discuss about pros and costumes.

(May 12nd 2011): Many things happened today. Today was the our last practice and as usual we're rehearsing Romeo and Juliet play inside the classroom. Luckily everyone was here and some of us still haven't memorized their lines. We really need to put effort on this play if we want our group performing the best on the stage. When we started the play, I started timing by a  stopwatch on my phone. While we're practicing, Ms Sam criticized our group about the transition on each scene. How come our group haven't discussed about this problem? Just after Ms Sam told us, the director was puzzled. I know she's trying to solve this problem as soon as possible so the play will flow fluently in front of the audience. If it's not fluently, we would perform more than 15 minutes. Anyways, we could perform twice from act 1 scene 1 to act 5. I feel that we need more practice outside the school lesson cause everyone looks not ready to do the performance except the Juliet, Nahyeon. She has prepared a lot, like she has memorized every single lines and she acts very good in the play. I'm worried about Romeo cause he looks like he hasn't memorized any single line. I hope he could memorize everything and he's not nervous while acting especially in the romantic scene like during the balcony scene. Me, myself I haven't memorized Friar Laurence lines cause it has so many lines. Furthermore, I'm not familiar with those words which're based on Shakespeare. During the lesson, before we rehearsed we're also discussing about props and costumes. I was given a task to bring swords and bring my own costumes. First I got a problem because I don't have rope and fortunately abby has one. Lastly, it would be great if Ms Sam postpone the play cause we have so many things to do like doing our personal projects, homework, projects, exams, etc. 

Practice makes perfect!!!

Marcel - Friar Lawrence, Mercutio and Servant
Henry - Benvolio (sound) and Capulet
Nahyeon - Juliet
Gerry - Romeo
Abigail - Narrator and Lady Capullet
Aziz - Tybalt and Lady Capulet
Other sub characters will be decided later when we finalize our script.

Shirt, suit, dress
Plastic guns - I will bring it
Boxes for balcony scene
Poision - bottle of fanta
Paper masks for the party
Paper cars for narrator and cards to tell the setting


ACT I ->

Scene II : Kingdom Celebration - Alan Menken
Scene II : Waiting for the Lights - Alan Menken. Music starts playing on Romeo’s line: “O she doth teach the torches to burn bright..”
Scene II : Realization & Escape - Alan Menken (0:35-1:00). Music starts to play when Juliet says: “Come hither, nurse. What is yond gentleman?

Scene I : Escape route - Alan Menken

Friar Lawrence's costume

Juliet's Costume

Mercutio's Costume

Nurse's Costume

Romeo's Costume

Tybalt's Costume

Final Script

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