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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creating The Product

2 days before the exhibition, I have completed collecting all the materials like sand, activated charcoal, etc. I made my simple water filtration less than 3 hours. I created my product based on the Internet and followed the steps in order to create the product effectively. Then, I took a photo and I asked everyone to give input about the product.

Lastly, I made a poster related to my topic, water filtration. It took 1 day to complete it because I had to decorate my poster and find pictures to make my poster more interesting. I created my poster because I need something to display for my exhibition tomorrow. I hope this poster helps the visitor more understand about the topic I've chosen for my personal project.

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  1. Well done Marcel, you are providing more detail in your posts but you still need to take the time to complete a spelling/grammar check as this will enhance your writing and make it easier to follow for the reader. I enjoy following your blog and now it's time to post on other people's blogs too!