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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reflection On Weeks 1-5

During the past 5 weeks I have created 2 tasks on my topic about water filtration.
First I researched using the net and found an article that provided background information to help my understanding of the issues related to my topic.

With this information I created a summary on the topic and posted this on my blog page. This helped my understanding and provided me with more information to move to the next stage on Blooms.

During the "comprehension" stage I created my second task which was embed a visual snapshot to show the audience my understanding of the topic. We were asked to record our summaries as a video and embed the file into our blog page to demonstrate our oral language skills and ability to master intonation and expression. I found this difficult to do at first but Bibil was able to assist us and I was pleased with the final product.

Now i am preparing for the next stage of Blooms "Application" and I and deciding how I will design my next task that could include:  an interview, a simulation, a presentation using IT tools and illustration.

It's time for me now to plan my next task so please check my blog on Friday and post a comment.

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