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Sunday, May 29, 2011

UOI Interview With Ms. Gamage

As we are completing the Unit of Inquiry we have to participate in a final assessment task. Ms Dianne will be interviewing us on this Wednesday. The interview will be recorded and assessed using Criterion A and B. I have selected three questions from the list and I would like to provide a brief explanation for each choice.

1.)   Can you describe some things that you did well, and some things that you could have done better during the project?
      I did well in creating the product because I made my product, a simple water filtration by using affordable materials through design cycle. I did it to make the best water filtration in order to solve the problem, which’s water crisis. I could have done better in researching all I needed to design and create my product. I used many resources however I still couldn’t get what I wanted to find therefore I think I could improve my researching stage.
2.) Can you describe some problems that you had when completing your tasks for this project? What did you do to try to solve them?
Procrastination was one of the problems that I faced in completing my tasks for this project. I created a timetable in order to solve my problem. I hope by creating a timetable, I could use my time wisely and effectively. Other problem that I had was meet my supervisor. It’s so hard to get a fix time to meet him because we had different business. Furthermore, I also had another problem when I had to create an oral task. It took a long time for me to edit and upload it on my edublog.
3.) Was this topic easier or harder than you expected it to be when you chose it? Explain why.
The topic about water filtration that I chose was harder than I expected it to be because I need an expert to explain me a brief explanation about water. After I researched about weeks, I found out that there’s too much information about water. Moreover, I wasn’t sure that my product would be successful or not. I tried to do different experiment by pouring different dirty water so I knew what’s the result of the dirty water after it’s being filtrated. Lastly, I thought my product would be so easy. I just put all the materials into one empty bottle however for me it took around less than 4 hours to complete my product.

I will prepare for the interview by learning the answers and writing them on cue cards. i will then practice recording my voice using Photobooth.  My predicted grade is 6.

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