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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reflection on Bloom’s project


What have you learnt about?
Water Filtration

What have you learnt about how you learn?
I started an Internet search on “How can we purify water using affordable materials?” I used one article and it said that we could make a simple water filtration by using materials around the house. I was surprised to read this comment as I found out the cost is just less than 100,000 rupiah.

I found that I am a visual learner and the print is more interesting when there is picture cues that help me understand what I am reading.

How can I compare dirty water with clean water?

I will form some questions related to cleanliness, time and cost.

Do an extensive research from the books, Internet and I will interview my science teachers like Ms Jane and Mr Justin.

I drew some pictures and wrote a brief explanation on each picture in order to give people visualization how to make my water filtration.  I recorded my steps and then I posted it on my edublog.

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  1. A great start Marcel. try and use the verbs form Blooms when you are writing up the activities for each stage.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!