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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Types of Filter

Filtering water
There are many ways to filter water to make it safer from germs . Some filters, like the ceramic filter below, require special equipment . Others need no special equipment and can easily filter small or large amounts of water before disinfecting .
Cloth filters
In Bangladesh and India, a filter made of finely woven cloth is used to remove cholera germs from drinking water . Because the cholera
germ often attaches to a tiny animal that lives in water, filtering out these animals also filters out most cholera germs . This method also filters out guinea worms . You can make a cloth filter out of handkerchiefs, linen, or other fabric such as the cloth used to make saris . Old cloth works better than new cloth because worn fibers make the spaces in the weave smaller and better for filtering .
1 . Let water settle in a container so that solids sink to the bottom .
2 . Fold the cloth 4 times and stretch or tie it over the mouth of another container or water jar .
3 . Pour water slowly from the first container through the cloth into the second container or jar .
Always use the same side of the cloth, or germs may get into the water . After using the cloth, wash it and leave it in the sun to dry . This kills any germs that may be left in the cloth . In the rainy season, disinfect the cloth with bleach . Be sure to clean the container you use to store the filtered water in, at least every 2 to 3 weeks .

Ceramic filters
A small water filter can be made from fired clay coated with colloidal silver (a substance that kills germs) . With basic training, any potter can easily make these filters .

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